Explore Kids

Grades 3 - 5

Students in the late grade school years are engaged and enthusiastic in their learning. They have a clearer idea of what they enjoy. Classes focus on deepening learning and instilling a love for sharing their arts with a larger audience.

Piano * Ukulele * Guitar * Percussion * Strings

Whether your student is brand new or continuing their learning, our Explorer students are sponges at this stage. Lessons challenge students to perfect technique and introduce them to a multitude of styles.  

Email us for a trial lesson to assess your student. 

This is a great place to start vocal training. The focus for this age is vocal health, vocal technique, ensemble singing, note reading, and performing. Group Voice sets a strong foundation to begin private instruction.

Explore Choir, 45 minute class - $65

At this stage, more styles of dance are available to students. Teachers celebrate students as they learn the language and proper technique of dance.

Students learn theatre fundamentals: character development, script analysis, the language of theatre, and more. Classes begin incorporating all aspects of musical theatre.

Music Theatre Package - $190/month

Beginning Ballet * Explore Kids Choir *

Explore Theatre (2.5 hours/week)

add Beginning Tap to bundle for additional $65

Theatre Experience - $140/month

Semester long class - performance will be

scheduled at the end of the semester.