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Arts therapy

All who enter will be loved

Arts Therapy use the art media (such as music) as the vehicle to achieve the desired outcome in the social/emotion, cognitive, and physical development. These therapies can be used for students of any ages. Allegro currently offers Music Therapy private sessions. 

This fall we will be adding an Adaptive Dance

What is Music Therapy? Music Therapy interventions focus on the development of the whole child. This encompasses social/emotional, cognitive and physical development on all levels. The sessions are based upon observations, responses, and the alignment of developmental milestones with musical milestones for each age. Music therapy offers assessment of needs, interventions, assists with early detection and interventions for young children. Music therapy offers a wide range of engaging activities with the use of instruments, movement, rhythmic activities and social interactions. Learning and play are connected in this enticing medium. Participation in music and music therapy provides and enhances foundational academic skills in math, language, gross and fine motor skill development, and listening. Sessions are designed specifically to meet the needs of each group or individual through the use of preferred music.

Morgan Sadler, BC-MT, is directing Allegro’s Music Therapy program. She brings with her experience from Kennedy Krieger Institute where she works with children who experience pediatric developmental disabilities.  

Allegro’s Music Therapy program is private pay. However, we can provide you with documentation to use with your personal insurance. We can work with your doctor and with your student’s IEP through the schools.

Music therapy class with down syndrome students

Adaptive Dance is creative movement designed specifically for people with special needs or developmental or physical disability. Adaptive Dance classes are a safe, fun, and supportive environment for students to move, learn, and grow, enjoying the artistic, social, and physical benefits of creative movement in an environment specifically tailored to their abilities.

Adaptive Dance

Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 4:30 pm

Teacher: Belen Rhodes

4th Street Studio

Space is limited

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