A Christmas Carol: The Radio Show,
      by David Alberts.
Enjoy Christmas in a safe, distanced theatre experience as we present

It's Christmas Eve, and with the actors snowed in and unable to make it to the studios of WXMS for the live radio performance of A Christmas Carol, the sound effects person decides to take the audience through the classic tale himself. In an impressive and amusing feat, this telling is performed as a 1940s radio play with one person providing all of the characters' voices and sound effects. This rollicking, creative adaptation of Dickens' classic work is sure to warm the hearts of even the chilliest audience members.

This fun one-person adaptation is performed and directed by Allegro theatre instructor Josh Vest.

The performance is offered free to the community. Donations are also welcome!

Audience size will be limited to 20 members and masks will be required to attend.

Reservations are required.

As audience size is limited, if you are unable to use your ticket due to illness or being exposed to the virus, please contact the office so we can release the tickets to the community.

A Christmas Carol.png
Performed by
Josh Vest
Co-Directed by
Josh Vest
Evelyn Rice