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Education at Allegro

. . . all who enter shall Learn, Laugh and Be Loved. . . 

Arts education is the foundation of everything that happens at Allegro. You and your student are invited to explore all things Performing Arts at Allegro!

We take a holistic approach in our teaching as we Inspire Creativity and Build Leaders. Your student will feel supported, accepted, and encouraged to grow in confidence. Whether they choose the Performing Arts as a career path or as a way to enhance their life, they become immersed in the arts and will be a life long patron in their community.  

Each area of study (music, theatre, dance) offers recreational through college prep courses. All our students receive the same technical training. The difference in the two tracks is the intensity the students choose. For instance, the number of classes and hours of enrolled study per week. 

If your student is not sure of what they would like to do, we invite you and your student to participate in a college prep workshop at the beginning of each semester to learn more about opportunities. 

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Private Lessons are designed for a deeper dive. Your students receives individual attention from the teacher which allows for excellent technique to be mastered. Programs are created specifically for the needs and goals of the student. 

All musical instruments as well as voice are designed for private instruction. This instruction is highly recommended for students in dance and theatre who are preparing for college auditions or performance auditions. 

Group Classes are perfect for dance and theatre where ensemble work is the norm. Your student learns


Allegro teachers guard their classrooms as a safe space for student learning. Students learn to support one another in a positive, kind manner. The classroom is a safe place where students are encouraged to take chances with their art as they find their unique voice. 

We invite you and your student to give us a call and become part of the Allegro Family this year.

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