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Curtis J. Paul Memorial Scholarship

Allegro is pleased to present the Curtis J. Paul Memorial Scholarship. Curtis was Allegro's percussion instructor who died suddenly on July 23, 2019 at the age of 56. The scholarship honors his talent and commitment to instructing youth passionate in the arts. 

The Scholarship has been set up to support students who attend Allegro. 

"He loved the kids at Allegro and teaching. He was very happy in that environment and at the school with the kids," says Sharon Kelley, Curtis' sister. 

"Curtis was a valued member of our teaching staff. He understood the mission of Allegro and was a strong ambassador for us. Curtis is responsible for finding us our current building. He shared our vision of the future of Allegro," share Sam Yoder, Executive Director. 

We welcome your donation. Please put Curtis J Paul Scholarship in the note field.

Join us September 19, 11 am - 5pm at the Fauquier Bank Plaza where we will be launching the Scholarship Fund. 

Curtis Paul Scholarship flyer (1).png

Curtis is pictured here with drum student Eme MB on the last day of class.

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