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Allegro Youth Orchestra

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Take your private lessons to the next level! Build leadership skills through artistry while creating lifelong friends while expanding your artistic repertoire.

Participate in

  • Group Field Trips

  • Master Classes

  • Community Performances

Bring the arts into your life!

Only at Allegro Community School of the Arts


What You
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Why Orchestra?

All private students are encouraged to become involved in groups.  Allegro Youth Orchestra is just such a group. 

Students can begin creating music and collaborating with artists playing other orchestra instruments. They will begin applying what they have learned in their private lessons. 

Learning to work in a group setting, listening to one another, and taking direction are all skills learned in orchestra. 

Cadets Strings Class

Rehearsals will be held at the

Warrenton Community Center

430 East Shirley Ave, Warrenton

Cadet Strings meets at

St James Episcopal

73 Culpeper St, Warrenton

Mozart Strings Orchestra
Beethoven Symphonic Orchestra

Mondays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Cost: $200 (Spring Semester)

Age: High School

Rigorous formal audition required aligned with - 

  • High School District bands, Senior Regional Orchestra

  • Solo should be chosen from Grades V or VI list

  • Sight reading excerpts from grade III or IV

  • VBDOA Grade V & VI

Instrumentation: Strings, limited space for woodwinds, brass & percussion.

Mondays, 5pm - 6pm

Cost: $110 (Spring Semester)

Age: Middle School

Information audition or teacher recommendation


  • 2 octave scales up to 3 sharps/3 flats, major scales

  • Prepared piece from standard solo literature grades III or IV

  • Brief sight reading excerpt from grade I or II

  • VBDOA Grade III & IV

Instrumentation: Stings

What are students saying. . . 

Our daughter has been a student at Allegro since 6th grade. She is now a very polished, professional bassist with honed skills, that only very knowledgeable instructors could instill in their students. She absolutely loves her Monday night orchestra rehearsals, as well as her private lessons with her beloved instructor, Mr. Scott Tester. 

The Allegro school is a true family experience for students and their families. 

Amy Z

Allegro is bringing back the Beginning Strings Class for grades 4 - 6! No strings experience necessary. Perfect for those kids who want to learn a strings instrument.


Mondays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Cost: $220

Age: 4th - 6th grade

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