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Welcome to Allegro Center for the Performing Arts! We are your one-stop shop for instruction and performance opportunities for all Performing Arts. Come on in and join us.

We know if can be very overwhelming. Where do you start? What classes should my child take? 

Parents - we got you! Click START HERE to find your child's age group and classes offered for that group. 

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What's a Performing Arts School? 

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Join Our Family

Love and acceptance is in abundance at Allegro Center for the Performing Arts. 

We are an all inclusive community accepting all types of individuals from diverse backgrounds, unique learning needs, and a variety of life situations. At Allegro, everyone is family and we strive to engage with our family members through joy and triumph. We see individuals as a part of the beautiful kaleidoscope of life,  our students' lives enrich our lives and through love and laughter we learn through their achievements. 

Our vision is to create a place where the arts are a cornerstone of the community as well as every individual lifestyle. We strive to increase community appreciation of the arts by facilitating and collaborating with arts organizations and events. It is important that we are part of the entire community. We actively participate with government, civic, and private groups in promoting a growing, healthy, vibrant community for everyone. 

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