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Singing brings joy to everyone! Your student, who more than likely sings all time, will find a home at Allegro. Vocal programs are designed to fit all age groups. 


Many hear the term “classical vocal training” and they think Opera. Allegro instructors use the term “classical vocal training” to indicate proper vocal technique. Learning the foundation of vocal technique protects the vocal chords from damage. This is all done through proper voice placement and breathing.

Your student will enjoy the immersive vocal training at every age , in private lessons and group choirs.

For the younger singers we created Choirs that lend a magical experience. Younger singers enjoy the comradery of singing in a choir. Activities and learning is designed to meet the age groups. 

(Choirs are currently on hold)

In choirs they will learn

  • Musicianship

  • Note Read (even vocalist should be strong, literate musicians!)

  • Healthy Vocal Habits

  • Musicianship

  • Performing and Performance Etiquette

Private Lessons

Once your student reaches the magical age of vocal stability,

the basics are already in place. At that point, the sky is the limit! Choir students move into private lessons and soar with the foundation they have gained. 

The optimal ages to begin private vocal instruction begins between the ages of 12-14 for both girls and boys as the vocal chords have matured. You will watch your student find their individual voice under the attentive eye of a private teacher. 

See something interesting? Request a

Trial Lesson by following the link.


​To enroll in private voice,  please email to send a text message to 540-349-5088, to reserve your lesson time. Visit the link to enroll in the Parent Portal.

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