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Many hear the term “classical vocal training” and they think Opera. Allegro instructors use the term “classical vocal training” to indicate proper vocal technique. Learning the foundation of vocal technique protects the vocal chords from damage. This is all done through proper voice placement and breathing.


Don’t let  “classical vocal training” put you off! Did you know Pat Benatar was a coloratura mezzo-soprano singer set to do her musical training at Julliard? Benatar is known for her 80s pop hits Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Love Is A Battlefield, and We Belong.

Olivia Eisele, voice student, accompanied by Daniel Glenn, guitar student, performing at a school concert.

Age to Start – Optimal ages to begin private vocal instruction begins at between the ages of 12-14 for both girls and boys. Vocal chords grow & mature. As we know with boys, their voices will crack and break and shift around as they go through puberty. Girls voices do the same; we just don’t normally hear it. Until their voices change, they are limited by what they can do vocally. Younger vocalists can go so far in their private education then must pause and want for their voices to catch up. During this time students get frustrated and impatient. Many will lose interest because they don’t see progress happening.


That said, we were seeing young students, especially girls, coming in with bad, dangerous vocal technique. Singing with the radio is not always a good thing!


We have created two age appropriate choirs for young singers to prepare them for private lessons.


Crescendo Choir (grades k-2)


Forte Choir (grades 3-5)


They will learn

  • Musicianship

  • Note Read (even vocalist should be strong, literate musicians!)

  • Healthy Vocal Habits

  • Musicianship


Once the student reaches the magical age of vocal stability, the basics are already in place. At that point, the sky is the limit!