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Getting un-leashed with marianne

I attended the event at Allegro largely due to their guest speaker – Marianne Clyde. She is a friend of mine and we sit on the Be the Change Foundation. As part of the foundation’s work, we offer a series of classes for women who either want to start their own business or build an existing one. It’s all about inspiration and empowerment. Marianne embodies both those qualities. Whenever I see her I always come away energized.

As a writer, I’ve written hundreds of newspaper articles and several articles for regional magazine publications. However, my novel remains unfinished. So, I’m definitely creatively stuck in that arena.

My thought was to support my friend and to perhaps glean some tips for moving forward. That did indeed happen. When she took us through a meditative exercise I visualized myself on a path through the woods. That image is now a go-to mental place when I need to refresh and recharge my creative energies.

I felt an immediate connection with many who attended this first, in a series of gatherings, as we shared many of the same creative challenges.

I was reminded of a salon – gathering of people under one roof of an inspiring host. The focus is to have literary and philosophical discussions. Like-minded folks get together and share their ideas about art, music, and literature.

Anyway, Inklings certainly reminds me of that concept. I certainly plan to come to future gatherings.

Sometimes it’s good to connect with positive energy. We need to surround ourselves with battery chargers not drainers.  I found this first event to be just that – lots of smiles, words of support and encouragement and an opportunity to creatively recharge.

You’ll see me again!

Anita Sherman

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