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Exciting Updates!

For the last several years, even before COVID,

Allegro students were beginning to see the integration of the arts through dance, theatre, and music. "The Music Man," (Nov 2019) was the first time our shows had a dedicated dance troupe and live orchestral music. This was an exciting change for our students and our audience.

Since returning from COVID, we have continued to offer theatre performances and training classes. As we look back over our school year, we have made the decision to shift our classes and lean into what we are seeing our community looking for. Classes and activities that support the world of theatre. The Triple Threat.

The triple threat in theatre refers to the three essential skills required for a successful career in musical theatre: Singing | Dancing | Acting. In today's highly competitive and demanding theatre industry, being proficient in all three areas is crucial for performers.

Singing is an essential skill for musical theatre performers, and they need to have the ability to sing in various styles and genres. Dancing is also crucial, as many musicals involve intricate choreography and performers need to have strong

dance skills to keep up with the demands of the show. Finally, Acting is the foundation of any theatrical performance, and performers must be able to bring characters to life and convey emotion convincingly.

By offering instruction in the triple threat, Allegro is providing aspiring performers with the opportunity to develop and refine their skills in all three areas, giving them a competitive edge in the industry and increasing their chances of success.

What does that mean you will see in the fall class lineup?

  • Our ballet training program will still be an intregal part of our core training classes. The language and skills of ballet are the foundation of all dance.

  • More styles of dance that support the theatre - Jazz and Acro are on the schedule.

  • Fingers crossed - performance classes for our grade school students. Stay tuned for more details

  • Watch for new classes which will support our theatre focus.

  • We will continue with our Private Lessons (no changes) and Youth Orchestra.

Will Allegro have classes for students who do NOT want to pursue theatre?

Absolutely! We welcome all students, no matter what their future aperations. Even though Allegro is a pre-professional program, our recreational students are a very important piece of Allegro. Everyone learns and grows as they study performing arts whether they are headed to the stage or into a corporate board room.

Attending a performing arts school that focuses on music, dance and theatre offers several benefits outside of the stage. Here is what your student would gain:

Well-founded education. Students are exposed to different forms of performing arts, allowing them to develop multiple skills and interests.

  • Enhanced creativity. Regular practic of music, acting, and dance helps

students to develop and enhance their creative abilities.

  • Improved self-expression. Performing arts education encourages students to express themselves through their art, which helps them to develop confidence and self-assuredness.

  • Teamwork and collaboration. Often students are required to work together in groups, which fosters teamwork and collaboration skills which will become a life skill.

  • Time management. As students progress through classes and performances they learn time management skills as they learn choreography and staging balanced against homework and friends.

  • And career opportunitities. Students who attend performing arts schools may have greater opportunitities to pursue careers in the performing arts industry. Many other corporate companies look favorably on performing arts students due to all of the above and much more!

Over the summer you will begin to see a transformation on our website and through social media and email. Got specific questions? has all the answers!

See you on the stage

Lachelle Yoder

Program Director

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