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Allegro’s Warrenton Inklings Society

Group of authors standing with sign in front of library
All the authors from YABBA Fest 2018

Writers are everywhere. Some have inspiring rooms in their homes where they can create their fictional adventures, others sit in bustling newsrooms (not in our county however!) keeping their pulse on the beat. Other writers set up camp at a local library or eatery that doesn’t mind lingerers.

There is no one place for writers. There is no place where you can meet a local author, take a writing class and sit to work on your book’s next chapter. Many writers do not sit beside other writers whom they can ask a question or help troubleshoot an issue.

Our region is filled with unique artisans. They line our Main Streets and have studios tucked in out of the way corners throughout the community. From quilters, to potters, to photographers, art is everywhere. Now, through a new Allegro program, the Warrenton Inklings Society, we are adding writers to that list.

The Warrenton Inklings Society references the 1930s group of writers from the University of Oxford that included famed authors such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Owen Barfield. They valued narrative fiction and encouraged fantasy writing. The group met informally to review and discuss each other's writings. The modern version of Inklings celebrates local authors, fosters a literary culture, provides workshops and sells local authors’ work. An intimate setting will welcome writers and readers alike.

At a time when the authenticity of the written word is questioned, and technology is favored over pen and paper, the Warrenton Inklings Society celebrates all writing; from the creativity of fiction writers to the daily accounts of journalists to those offering personal development. Allegro supports all arts, those who compose, those who dance and those who write. We are excited to offer this unique writing program to welcome writers to develop their art in an intimate environment.

To continue its support of local authors, Allegro has begun selling author books. With a modest inventory now, we look forward to adding to it every month in the new year. Published authors are invited to present workshops on a variety of topics, summer camps will encourage youth writing, collaboration with schools will see student work published and distributed throughout the community. Authors looking to create an audio book of their work can schedule time in the Allegro recording studio. The work of the society will culminate annually with a celebration of books and music in a festival setting.

Author signing a book
Author signing books at YABBA Fest

As we move into a new year, we hope that you will join us in the society. That you will attend a poetry reading and book launch. Perhaps register for a workshop. Encourage your students to participate in the program and share feedback. Allegro continues to evolve and offer more services by listening and responding to community need. We welcome your feedback and hope that you will visit and see the books we have for sale.

Let’s start a new chapter together!

For information about Inklings programming or to sell a book, contact Lachelle Yoder at Allegro.

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