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Family Resources 2022-23

Awards &

Keep track from

the beginning of the year! 

Working with your instruction,  know

what is required for the year end

reward. Your teacher will supply a card to

track your student's progress throughout the


We will be celebrating the awards at the end of

the school year. 

Follow the link to visit the webpage

awards no background.png

Fall Schedule for Group Classes

Fee Schedule 2022-23

Calendar 2022-23 - this is current as

of today (8/6). It will be updated as

any changes are made.

Parent/Student Handbook

Welcome to the new school year - 2022-23. In an effort to keep our families current with what is going on at Allegro, we have created a page that will contain everything you need to know!

This is a hidden page within our website, accessed only granted to our enrolled families. 

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