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Dance Recital Central

Parents! Find everything you need to know HERE! 

This is a hidden page within our website, accessed only to our enrolled families. 

Check back here often as we continue to update our recital!

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Let's Go to the
June 10, 6pm
Liberty High School, Bealeton

Dress Rehearsal, June 9, 5pm @ LHS
In House Rehearals (4th Street Studio)
May 31 & June 7, 6pm

Photos from Dance Recital 2022

Photos by Rebecca Graney Photography

PreBallet Tap group (1).jpg

Music is the centerpiece of our recital. Here is a link to some of our music. Enjoy! If you're like me, I can't wait to see the dance that goes with the music. 

Recital Music

Photography Schedule

May 31, 6pm

**Full Studio Photo - Time TBA**

  • Pre-Ballet/Tap

  • Tap 2

  • Discovery Theatre

  • Ballet 4

  • Ballet 3

  • Tap 1

  • Performing Group

  • Youth Ballroom

June 7, 6pm

**Full Studio Photo - Time TBA**

  • Musical Theatre

  • Ballet 1

  • Intermediate Adult/Teen Ballet

  • Modern

  • Adult Tap

  • Hip Hop 3-4

  • Hip Hop 1-2

  • Ballet 2

  • Tap 3-4

  • Beginning Adult Ballet

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