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What Is DanceAbility?

Allegro is excited to add DanceAbility to our programs this summer. 

The mission of DanceAbility International (DAI) is to encourage the evolution of mixed- abilities dance by cultivating a common ground for creative expression for all people regardless of abilities, economic status, age or race. The mission is accomplished through performance, educational programs, teacher training and workshops.

DanceAbility was developed as a casual, movement class to engage mixed ability participants, bringing them together. It uses improvisational dance to promote artistic expression and exploration between people with and without disabilities. Through experiencing movement together, misconceptions and/or prejudices that able- bodied or disabled people might have about themselves and each other are uprooted.

As we launch classes, our goal is to create classes for

  • Children, ages 8 - 12

  • Young teens, early adults, ages 13 - 20

  • Adults 21+

We will split classes into approriate ages as we increase enrollment.

Appropriate Dress

Students should wear comfortable clothes

“We came with our sneakers, our canes, our wheelchairs, our two left feet, our bodies we see as too short, too fat, too something-and we danced. By God every sub-atomic particle of us danced in ways we could not have believed.”
Bjo Ashwill, dancer with a disability

“I believe DanceAbility goes beyond movement and exploration and is for many people their first opportunity to define themselves in their own terms and see that this dance form, like their lives, has many options and possibilities.”

Susan Sygall

Mobility International, USA

Renee headshots-2.jpg
Instructor, Renee Pisot

While living in Germany, Renee traveled to Vienna, Austria, where she earned her Teacher Certification.  Through Allegro, Renee will be leading the only DanceAbility program in Virginia. 

She graduated in 2021 from George Mason University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in music for Well-Being. 

"I grew up dancing and want to offer that opportunity to everyone. DanceAbility offers this. It's going to be an exciting addition to what Allegro is currently offering," Renee shared.

Summer Classes

Mondays, 3-4pm

Drop Ins Welcome


4th Street Studio

To Learn More About DanceAbility

All Bodies Speak: Alito Alessi at TEDxUOregon "If you can breath, you can dance. 

Alito Alessi is the Artistic Director of DanceAbility International and co-founder of DanceAbility. Alessi has been involved with the evolution of contemporary dance for the past 30 years, and is internationally known as a pioneering teacher and choreographer in the fields of contact improvisation, and dance and disability.

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