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Brass & Woodwinds

Brass & Wind Instrument lessons are a great addition to students' band and orchestra enrollments in their public school. They will gain confidence in their technique and musical skills with the individual attention focused in the private lesson setting. 

In Private Lessons your student will

  • Receive individual attention and correction 

  • Sight reading training

  • Audition prep

  • College audition prep

  • Performance opportunitites

  • Experience a variety of musical styles - classical, jazz, country, pop, etc. 


We offer private lessons to starting in the late grade school years, giving them a jump start to their middle school music years. 

Once students enter their public school music ensembles, our desire is to work with your student to enhance their school experience.

See something interesting? Request a

Trial Lesson by following the link.



To reserve a lesson time, email Click on the Enroll Now button below to set up the Parent Portal. 

The equipment, set up and maintenance making it possible for us to offer virtual and recorded options of our classes has been provided by our Pink Diamond sponsor, iSenpai.  Click their logo to visit their website.

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