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The arts at Allegro are accessible to everyone - no matter the age! Research shows that the arts - music and movement - keep us healthy: fewer falls in our seniors, few doctor visits. Learning a new skill in music and dance create new synapsis in the brain. 

All that to say - We're never too old to learn a new instrument! We offer classes for all adult ages - Gentle Ballet to keep our 55+ moving, Adult Tap for those who want to pick up where they left off, years ago. Check it out!

Find the appropriate level of dance for your comfort level. 

*Improve your dance skills for all those Music Theatre adults

*55+ find a class to keep you young at heart

*Pick up dance as something new and fun

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Piano * Voice * Strings * Brass & Woodwinds * Guitar

Guitar for Veterans

In addition to classes and deepening skills, we work closely with our college bound students. Workshops are offered to both parents and students beginning the freshman year to get everyone on the same page fore preparation. We assist with essay writing, interview preparation, portfolio development, and auditioning. 

We welcome our adults to join the orchestra. To discover the appropriate level, please contact the office. 

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