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Tap dance is a vernacular American dance form with a strong history. In these classes you will learn tap history, musicality, rhythm, complex patterns, as well as grace and style. Training in tap dance can have tremendous positive effects to those dancers who focus on ​ other genres of dance due to its use of balance, weight  shifts, coordination, dynamics, musicality and precision. 

Allegro's Tap department is lead by a trio of teachers who are also heavily involved in musical theatre. They bring their theatre experience into their classroom, teaching character developoment and interpretation of the dance. 

Dress Code: Comfortable athletic wear. Ankles and feet need to be seen. No long pants. 

Footwear for Tap:

Young Pre-Tap & Beginners - black mary jane or lace up oxford tap shoes. 

Intermediate & Advanced Students - black oxford style lace up with a solid sole (no split shoes). 

For intermediate and advanced tappers who are serious about the art form and are willing and able to spend the extra money for good quality instruments (because that’s truly what tap shoes are) talk to an Allegro tap instructor about better options. Spending a little extra on good quality shoes are better for the feet and will help prevent injury. They will also have a much better sound quality and will last years (as in 15+ years). 

Tap Level 1

Ages 6+

Level 2

Ages, 10+

Level 1 is a prerequisit class. Placement at the descrection of the program director

All classes perform in the year end recital.

Level 3-4

Ages 13+

Level 2 is a prerequisit class. Placement at the descrection of the program director

Adult Tap, Level 1

Ages 18+

For those who have always wanted to learn tap. Class begins at the basics.

Adult Tap, Level 2

Ages 18+

Perfect for adults who have tapped previous. Enroll for a free trial if you are unsure which class to enroll. 

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Click on Allegro Learning Levels to discover more about your child's age group, learning styles, and suggested class packages. 

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