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Recording Arts

The world of high tech equipment has seen a dramatic evolution in the past five to ten years. Led by computers which are dramatically more capable and less expensive, a large line up of pro-sumer equipment has evolved, bridging the gap between the consumer and commercial worlds. Nowhere has that evolution been more obvious than in the recording studio where pro-sumer gear is now as capable as the high end commercial equipment of just several years ago.


The result of a more and more robust line of gear is an evolution in the recording industry, away from the high end, multi-million dollar studios, toward a much more affordable  pro-sumer studio operated by independent artists and engineers. Some artists have even left labels in favor of an entirely artist driven system of producing, recording, and marketing their music. A bit more recently, book narrations.


What has not changed as part of the high tech evolution is the need for educated and skilled folks to set up and operate the new gear in a home studio environment. All the high end commercial equipment in the world is not going to result in high quality recording if that equipment  is operated by un-trained amateurs. It is that world - independent artists - to which the Allegro Recording Arts classes are aimed. 


Allegro is fortunate to have a small venue recording studio with high end commercial equipment. Much of which has been used very successfully in the commercial world of recording studios. That said, however, the emphasis of this study of the recording arts is geared primarily to high quality home studios equipped entirely with pro-sumer equipment. 

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Recording studio with mixing board and computer

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