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Primary Kids

Ages 5 - 7

These students begin learning the foundation and technique of their studies at this age. We use all manner of teaching to keep them engaged in the learning process, helping them develop mentally and physically. Parents receive resources to help students learn and accomplish. They are offered opportunities to share their art with a larger community.

Private Lessons 30 minutes - $160/month

Piano * Ukulele * Guitar * Percussion * Strings

We begin offering limited private lessons at age 5. Lessons are fast paced with a variety of activities to keep the attention of students. 

Kindergarten students have varying motor skills development. Email us for a trial lesson to assess your student. 

See something interesting? Request a

Trial Lesson by following the link.

Music - Acting - Dance! What more could a little one want! Primary MAD Skills is the first step in putting it all together. 

Primaries take dance from play to a learning class room. Teachers celebrate students as they learn the language and proper technique of dance. We offer beginning classes for this level in Ballet, Jazz, Acro and Tap. 


You can sign up for individual group classes, or if your student has an interest in Music Theatre, try our Musical Theatre package. 

Musical Theatre Package $155/month

This 2.5 hour package will give you student a taste of all things Musical Theatre. 

Add $50 for additional dance classes

(enroll in the individual classes)

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