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music auditions

Orchestra auditions

Bach strings orchestra requirements

  • Must be in 5th grade or higher

  • Must understand rhythms using whole, half, quarter, eighth notes, and equivalent rests

  • Must read clef/staff fluently

  • Perform VBDOA grade I & II

Mozart strings orchestra requirements

audition required

Informal audition or teacher recommendation

  • 2 octave scales up to 3 sharps/3 flats, major scales

  • Prepared piece from standard solo literature grade III or IV

  • Brief sight reading excerpt grade I or II

  • Perform VBDOA grade III & IV

  • Limited space for woodwinds, brass & percussion

Beethoven Symphony orchestra requirements

audition required

  • Solo should be chosen from Grade V or VI list

  • Sight reading will be grade III or IV

  • Perform VBDOA grade V & VI

  • Limited space for woodwinds, brass & percussion

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