As both Contemporary and Modern are strongly built on the the ballet technique, a ballet enrollment is required to enroll in these additional genres. 


Contemporary dance is a fluid, expressive dance form with a variety of technical elements taken from ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop techniques. These technical skills, along with body alignment, emotion, musicality, and athleticism, help the contemporary dancer to experiment with new ways of moving and challenging the conventional idea of dance. This dance form encourages students to explore their own movement and improvisational preferences within choreography and beyond, moving past "steps" and discovering pure uninhibited movement. Contemporary dance training will help students gain a sense of freedom within their own body and establish a mind-body connection. In this class, dancers will become comfortable with improvisation, floor work and partnering. 

Class Schedule

Modern Beginning

ages 12 - 18

Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30pm

Teacher: Belen Rodas

4th Street Studio


Dress Code

Leotard or comfortable fitted top with 

footless tights or leggings.

Footwear: Barefoot and Apolla Shocks

(performance style in nude or black)

The full Fall Class School 2021-22 can be viewed here. 

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