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Junior Kids

Ages 8 - 11

Students in the late grade school years are engaged and enthusiastic in their learning. They have a clearer idea of what they enjoy. Classes focus on deepening learning and instilling a love for sharing their arts with a larger audience.

At this stage, more styles of dance are available to students. Dance students are encouraged to begin dancing 2-4 hours/week (depending on age and skill level) to begin building strength and flexibility. Our main objective in building the schedule is a healthy, safe dancer. Teachers celebrate students as they learn the language and proper technique of dance.

Students learn theatre fundamentals: character development, script analysis, the language of theatre, and more. Classes begin incorporating all aspects of musical theatre.

We are excited to launch the Cadets Strings class to our 4th - 6th graders. No experience needed! This class is designed for the beginner students. Meets Mondays & Wednesdays (both classes required).

Piano * Ukulele * Guitar * Percussion * Strings

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See something interesting? Request a

Trial Lesson by following the link.

Whether your student is brand new or continuing their learning, our Junior students are sponges at this stage. Lessons challenge students to perfect technique and introduce them to a multitude of styles.  

Email us for a trial lesson to assess your student. 

Music Theatre Package - $155/month

Ready to Enroll? 

2 dance classes - Junior Ballet * Tap, Hip Hop or Jazz are suggested  *

MAD Skills Theatre (2.5 hours/week)

add additional dance to bundle for additional $65/month

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