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Allegro Dance

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Everyone loves to move to music. What we hear daily is: My little one dances in front of the tv everyday.  Yay!! This is where you belong.  Allegro Theatre & Dance has classes for all ages and skill levels. 

Allegro Dance offers: 

  • Safe, Quality instruction to your student

  • Recreational & College Prep students are afforded the same teachers, technique, and standards

  • The opportunity to be involved in the area's only true performing arts center, allowing students a wide variety of experiences. 

Bring the arts into your life!

Only at Allegro Community School of the Arts

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What You
NEED to Know

Why Allegro Dance?
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Dancers are given opportunity to perform with live accompaniment throughout the year. 
Our Staff
  • Everyone is background checked

  • Mandated reporters

  • Positive role models in body image, language, and behavior

  • Solid technician in their dance style. They can fluently communicate technique to their students

  • Committed to wholesome music, age appropriate dance moves, and modest costumes

Dance Program

  • Early Childhood Dance

  • Ballet

  • Modern Contemporary

  • Tap

  • Music Theatre Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Acro Dance

  • Adult Dance

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Allegro Dance, part of Allegro Community School of the Arts, offers dance to both recreational students and those that are college bound. Our knowledgeable staff are committed to individual student progress and education. 

With our eye on the music theatre stage, we have created a place where students  can get the training to develop that music theatre "triple threat." Students will be given opportunities to perform and expand their skills through classes and master classes focusing on dance and theatre.

Whether students are recreational or college bound, we strive to provide solid technical training and classes offering a wide range of styles. College bound students will work with an instructor on their training while in high school and auditioning to the college of choice. 

With a welcoming atmosphere, we hope you will join us to experience the joy of dance!

Our family is so grateful for Allegro. Both daughters are enrolled in dance. Allegro

offers a warm, loving, and supportive and kind learning environment.

Dusty M

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