theatre auditions


Broadway Version



February 28,  7 –9 pm

February 29,  10 am - 2pm 


March 1,  2:30 – 4:30 pm


Audition Requirements:

  • Bring a 1 minute monologue

  • Bring 32 bars of a musical theatre piece in the style of Cinderella*. There will be an accompanist available. If you bring a track, there will be a devise to plug into. 

  • There will be a $85 performance fee assessed to those who are offered and accept a role in the show. 


*Please do not bring a Cinderella song for your audition piece.

Cinderella Audition Packet can be to downloaded. Find the audition form, policies and procedures, and expectations. 


The story concerns a young woman forced into a life of servitude by her cruel stepmother, who dreams of a better life. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is transformed into an elegant young lady and is able to attend the ball to meet her Prince. In this version, she must open the eyes of Prince Topher to the injustice in his kingdom.


The Prince's parents have died, leaving the kingdom in the hands of a villainous prime minister, who has been the Prince's mentor and has duped his young charge into approving oppressive legislation. The rebel Jean-Michel, a new character, and stepsister Gabrielle are in love, and the two seek to overthrow the government. The score includes the best-known songs from the original version and features four songs from the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalogue.

There are four (4) named men's parts and five (5) named women's parts. This is a ensemble driven show.

We expect the cast to be 35-40 members with 6-8 children's parts.

Male Characters

Prince Topher

Baritone, C#3 - E4

Young Adult

The Prince of the entire kingdom, but he needs a bit of guidance and inspiration to realize his full potential. He sings in songs such as "10  Minutes Ago".


Baritone, C3 - F4

Young or Mature Adult

He is  Topher's Lord Chancellor. Although Sabastian wants to protect the Prince, he does so by improperly shielding the Prince completely from what is going on in the kingdom.

Lord Pinkleton

Tenor, F3 - A4

Mature Adult

Serves as Sabastian's  second-in-command and the herald for all important events. 

Jean Michel

Baritone, C3-G4

Young Adult

He is a poor revolutionary with many ideas about how to improve society. Jean-Michel is in love with Gabrielle.

Female characters

Ella (Cinderella

Soprano, B3-D5

Young Adult

Ella is a young lady with the kindest heart in the kingdom. She dreams of escaping her endless chores so she might one day see the world.


Mezzo Soprano, C4 - D5

Mature Adult

Ella's stepmother, a van and tyrannical woman only concerned with her wealth and her daughters' happiness. Madame does not consider Ella, her stepdaughter, a true daughter.


Soprano, A3 - Ab5

Mature Adult

She enters the story as a senile poor woman, but she magically transforms into her true form as Ella's wise and compassionate Fairy Godmother.


Soprano, C4 - G5

Young Adult

She enters the story as a senile poor woman, but she magically transforms into her true form as Ella's wise and compassionate Fairy Godmother.


Mezzo-Soprano, B3 - F5

Young Adult

Ella's other stepsister, who treats Ella cruelly but, quite honestly, doesn't know much better becasue she is so self-involved. Charlotte's a bit of a clown and definitely the last one in on the joke. 



Sopranos: C4 - Ab5

Altos:         Bb3 - F5

Tenors:      D3 - G4

Basses:     Db3 - F4

Young Adults and Mature Adults

Knights, Peasants, Serfs, Townspeople, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court, Giant, Servant, etc.