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private lessons

Lessons for ages 5 – adult

Lessons available:

Monday & Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM – Noon

These lessons are scheduled once weekly with an available instructor. Private lessons in any of the below genres are offered year round with any available instructors.


Enrollment in private lessons is ongoing throughout the year.

Piano keys
Recording microphone
Teenage boy playing guitar
Close up of trombones
Viola in its case
Timba drum and sticks
Child playing clarinet
All who enter will learn and be loved

Instrumental Study


Each student is responsible for providing an approved instrument. Please contact us for local rental resources or for suggestions on purchasing instruments. Materials (method books, workbooks in theory, technique, note reading, etc) will be suggested based on instructor assessment and at additional cost. Supplement performance materials are highly encouraged for student interest. Contact the student’s instructor for suggestions. Much of this material can be purchased through the Allegro Amazon Affiliate site.


Regular practice time is absolutely essential to the growth and development of each musician. Appropriate practice goals will be determined by the instructor at the time of enrollment based on the age and experience of the student.

Private Vocal Instruction

Optimal ages to begin private vocal instruction begins at between the ages of 12-14 for both girls and boys. Vocal chords grow & mature. As we know with boys, their voices will crack and break and shift around as they go through puberty. Girls voices do the same; we just don’t normally hear it. Until their voices change, they are limited by what they can do vocally. Younger vocalists can go so far in their private education then must pause and want for their voices to catch up. During this time students get frustrated and impatient. Many will lose interest because they don’t see progress happening.

We have created our Allegro Singers ensemble for those younger vocalists to keep them involved and active in music. However, private lessons are available for the younger students after an assessment with one of our vocal instructors.

Band & Orchestra Instruction

My student is part of band or orchestra in school already. Why is it important to study their instrument privately?


Each instrument comes with its own technique. A private instructor is focused on teaching and refining the student’s technique. Although we highly encourage every student to play in a group – concert band, orchestra, garage band, etc. – it is difficult for a student to learn solid technique on his instrument in a group setting. Instead, they tend to establish shortcuts and bad habits. In our experience the students who excel in their instrument are students who also study privately.