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Music Theatre Dance

Musical Theatre takes solid skills in three areas for success - Music | Acting | Dance. The triplet threat effect. With the foundation of all dance being Ballet, we want all our theatre students to be well equipped in all aspects of the theatre. Our Music Theatre Dance class is perfect to fulfill this role.

This class is ideal for students who have no dance experience but wish to pursue the world of Music Theatre. This class is considered a beginning level class. Students will learn the dance vocabulary, technique, and choreography from different shows. 

The purpose is to "catch up" on ballet technique then move to styles that support Music Theatre - Modern, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop.

An hour of ballet/week is always strongly suggested for theatre students as it develops strength, flexibility, and stamna needed to dance a show. 

This class performs at the end of year recital.

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Coming in the Spring 2023 - Music Theatre Choreography.

Building on Music Theatre Dance and other dance styles, students will learn a variety of music theatre pieces. 

This class performs at the end of the year recital. 

Placement at the descretion of the program director.

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