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Music performances


Performance is a large part of any artists' learning journey. It's not enough for them to simply learn their instrument, they solidify their skills when they take what they have learned and refine it to performance ready. Performance will look different to each of our programs – recitals, community events, gallery shows. 


Allegro offers many different levels of performance to meet the experience of our students. 

  • Small studio recitals for our beginner students

  • School wide recitals for parents, families, and the community

  • Community events for our more advanced students - Warrenton Spring Festival, First Fridays,  and other community events

  • Open Mics both at Allegro and open mics throughout our community


While we encourage our students to Bring Their Arts to Life, we also offer performance classes to prepare them. This varies from a Saturday morning workshop (Vocal Performance Class) to the Certified Performers program which takes the student to a polished performer who is ready to accept paid performance gigs.

upcoming Performances

No music performances at the moment.


Check out our upcoming theatre performance!

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