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music auditions

incredibelles auditions

Requirements to audition

  • Girls, Ages 12-18

  • Must take voice lessons or have extensive choral experience (to be evaluated by the instructors)

  • Must be able to commit to rehearsals once a week
    (current rehearsal time is Thursday, 7:00pm-8:30pm at the Allegro Community School of the Arts)

  • Must have excellent practice habits and be willing to work independently outside of rehearsals on music preparation


audition requirements

  • Sing one piece in a style that best shows your voice and vocal range. Bring your own recorded accompaniment
    (we will provide speakers to plug an iphone in to or send us the mp3 ahead of time and we can pull it up for you)

  • Be prepared to participate in vocal exercises to be evaluated on vocal range and voice quality

  • Bring a music resume including relevant experience related to singing
    (include shows you’ve participated in, choirs you are in, if you take voice lessons the number of years studied, etc.)

  • Be prepared to sing basic harmony during the audition to a piece that we will provide at the audition
    (we will give you time to look over it and run through it before singing)

  • Be prepared for a brief interview with instructors on your interest in the group and goals related to music.

Please email if you plan to attend

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