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Get ready for a heart-pumping dance-based aerobic workout specifically tailored for you, the adults! If you've missed dance parties as much as we have and are looking to get moving again after months of lockdown without having to hit the treadmill, look no further. Adult Cardio Dance is a 60 minute dance party for all dance levels offering varying intensity options based on your comfort and skill level. Each song in the lineup has its own easy-to-follow routine including a warm-up and cool-down. You'll shake it to the latest hip hop and pop tunes and work up a crazy sweat just by dancing along to today's hottest tracks. We bet you'll even make some friends along the way. 

When: Saturday morning at 9am starting Jan 29,  at the Excell at Allegro 4th Street Studio, Warrenton.

Who: Adults of all skill levels who love dance or just want to try it.

How Much: $15 per class for 60 minutes. No pre-registration required. Payable via credit card at the door.

What to wear/bring: Anything that makes you feel confident and fabulous . And something you don't mind getting sweaty. Dance sneakers or a clean pair of athletic shoes (to protect or floor), a towel, and water. Bring yourself, a friend, your partner - the more the merrier.

Instructor: Jaime Henderson

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Relatively new to Warrenton, Jaime moved to town last summer to be closer to family after spending over 12 years in Chicago where she was fully immersed in the city's dance fitness scene! With a background in competitive team dance, Jaime continued dance performance in her adult years in national commercials and at numerous live events around Chicago. She was even a finalist for the Chicago Bulls' NBA dance team, the Luvabulls. She discovered cardio dance at a local gym shortly thereafter and became absolutely hooked! She is extremely passionate about the joy and camaraderie the class can provide and cannot wait to help foster the community here in Warrenton! Her #1 goal is to make sure her students feel comfortable, welcome, and encouraged to let go and have fun! If you have any particular questions about the class, feel free to email her at or find her on Instagram for the most up-to-date class schedule at @jaimelynnhenderson2. 

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