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Original Announcement - June 25

Coming soon! Allegro understands that in these times we must be flexible in our learning environments. We understand the needs of parents and the well being of their children. So, in the Fall of 2020 Allegro will open their “Learning Annex” geared to our Performing Arts students. Trained teachers will facilitate online coursework provided by your public school system or your chosen home school curriculum. During the day, we will provide supervision, guidance, academic assistance, and regulated breaks and social interactions with other classmates.

Academics will run from 8am - 1pm.

Afternoons will include group and private classes in performing arts: Orchestra, Art, Dance, Theatre, Leadership.

Space is limited.

Opening date will coincide with the school system first day of school.

Pricing for the Learning Annex will be customized as a schedule is designed to fit your individual needs and desires.

We are currently finalizing plans. Please contact Lachelle Yoder at Lachelle@AllegroCSA.org if interested in enrolling or receiving further information.

The Loose Plan

This is created for parents who must go back to work, even working from home. Those kids in the public system who may be on an a/b schedule.  


Our plan is for kids to do their school work from 8am - 1. Lunch & breaks will be included. Tutors will consist of some who are teacher certified, teacher substitutes, and some right out of college (education majors) to provide the guidance. We cannot be responsible for the actual instruction as we are not an accredited school. However, we will be providing tutorial services. Parents will responsible for providing a home school program. Some may still be in the public school system and they can dial into their class from here. Our tutors will assist with the understanding of the learning, keep them focused on their work, and keep them connected online. 


In the afternoon performing arts classes and private instruction will be offered: dance, music, theatre, art. We will also be offering a leadership class to the afternoon kids. 

Cost will be based on how many days/hours per day the student will be attending. 

Check Back for Updated details

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