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Megan Ashby

Hip Hop

Megan has had a love of dance since she was 8 years old and started at Excell Dance Studio. There, she studied ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz/hip hop. When she was in high school, she began teaching at Excell as well as dancing there as a student.


After Megan graduated high school in 2019, she went to the University of Mary Washington until she was sent home due to COVID in spring of 2020. In her brief time at UMW, Megan quickly got involved with UMW Performing Arts Company and UMW Dance Team. It was from these clubs that she discovered a newfound love of jazz and hip hop. She came back to teach at Allegro in the spring of 2021.


Megan loves teaching all styles of dance and sharing the passion she has with her students. Her excitement for dance creates a fun and collaborative learning environment where students are pushed and surrounded with love and support from Megan and from their peers. She knows the importance of correct and strong technique and balances that along with artistry and originality in her teaching style. She strongly believes in giving students opportunities to perform and show what they have learned. She is currently studying to be a high school English teacher at Liberty University Online.

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