certified performers

The Allegro Certified Performers (ACP) program is designed for children and adults who are currently studying an instrument, who have been performing, or feel they want to “up” their performance game, it is not a program designed to teach an instrument or instrument technique.

Why Become an ACP?

Over the past few years, there has been a high number of requests for Allegro performers in our community, as well as interest in what type of performers we can help provide. To date, our students and instructors have performed at Airlie, Poplar Springs, Chick-fil-A Date Night, Chamber Galas, Valor Awards, Farmers Markets, Land Conservancy Garden Party, Spring Festivals, private house concerts and other local and Northern Virginia events.

How the Program Works

All Allegro Certified Performers will be listed on the Allegro website and promoted, once they have successfully completed the course. The website listing will include comprehensive information on each performer, including their experience, and fees associated for each performer. for those contacting the school for performers to utilize during an event.

The Allegro Certified Performer instructors will provide each student with the tools necessary to perform for any occasion – even if it is at The White House!

Program Instruction

This program includes both private & group sessions which will include instruction on enhancing all numerous facets of the “whole artist:”

  • Song Selection: How to select the song to fit each performer’s style, vocal range, instrument ability & commercial appeal.

  • On-Stage Presence: This segment of the instruction is geared toward development of performer’s onstage presence. Onstage presence is crucial to a successful performance. Each student will be instructed in the elements that comprise best practice performance that fits their unique personality and image.

  • Songwriting: Being able to pen your voice as a performer is very empowering. Learning songwriting how-tos is essential to make sure the message in your song is clear.

  • Networking & Communication Skills: Essential skills for any performer. How to market your skills and present yourself professionally with a brand as well as an expert in your chosen instrument.

  • Performance Studies: Studying performance videos of students and of yourself is one way to improve your performances. This valuable technique will allow you to see yourself as others do on stage and how you can improve to create an even better performance for all who contract with you.

Student Expectations

Allegro Certified Performers are those individuals that really have passion and drive for music. They are important because they not only represent themselves when on the stage, but are expected to represent Allegro Community School of the Arts as well. It is important that positive image and experiences are the result of an organization or individual paying one of our students to perform. Allegro prides itself on the expertise of not only our teachers, but students and the willingness to contribute to the community as a whole. Therefore, it is very important that students who enroll in this class:

  • Be willing and able to accept positive feedback from the instructor, program mentors, and peer students in order to continuously improve their skills and technique.

  • Be supportive of other students in the program through collaborative efforts and group sessions.

  • Give back to the community in the form of performances at nursing homes, assisted living and retirement facilities (no payment will be associated for these performances).

  • Perform at various Allegro events throughout the school year as part of the performance opportunities (no payment will be associated for these performances).

program fees & descriptions

Weekly instruction, 36 weeks.
Student will be required to perform 8 times throughout the year. 

basic program:

  • $1,260/student

  • Weekly Instruction

preferred program:

  • $1,605/student

  • Weekly Instruction

  • Image Consultation

  • Graphic Work

  • Portfolio/Resume Development

premier program:

  • $2,445/student

  • All the above plus:

  • Photography Session

  • Recording Session

  • Video Session

  • Website Development

  • Program Course Descriptions

  • Weekly Instruction – $1,260/student

  • Three 30-minute private weekly sessions per month. These sessions will focus on performance techniques.

  • One 90-minute group session per month (last Wednesday of the month – in lieu of private session). This monthly session will focus on performing in front of peers, technique, and the ability to provide and receive constructive criticism on ways to improve.

portfolio/resume development

Development and Production of Performance Portfolio/Resume is a key component of performing and marketing abilities to the public. Our staff and local professionals will assist you with the components of a media kit, learning to work and communicate with industry professionals, creating a visual, electronic and print package that remains consistent and reflects the message of the performer, and how to make your overall package come across as authentic to the viewer. The development will include the following: song setlists, headshots, bios, social media presence, as well as website design.

image consultation

$150 (1-hour session): During this session you will have an image consultation with James Cornwell, Celebrity Stylist and Creative Director of Iva Bella in Vint Hill. James will address how to find your style as a performer through hair, makeup, clothing choices, and accessories. The goal is to create a visual image that reflects the message of the performer and make the overall package authentic to the viewer.


To learn more about James and his clients, visit his personal website:
($200 value)

resume & biography consultation

Fee $75 (3-hour consultation and professional writing): Students will work directly with an industry professional and writer with Higher Power Consultation who will create a professional resume and biography that will help get you noticed. Discovering keys words that can will implemented in many of the design elements helps to hone the image. 


At the completion of the work the student will have a biography, resume, and quotes from the student which can be used by the press ($75 Value).

graphic design work/consultation

Fee $120 (3-hour session): Students will have the opportunity to work directly with Allen Wayne LTD, Vint Hill. Designers will work with the written material and headshots to create a visually appealing media page. Choosing design elements such as color, fonts, and layout style are another layer of the created image. Learn more about the work of Allen Wayne at their website: 
($240 value)

photo session/

Fee $300 (2-hour session): This photo session enables Allegro Certified Performers the chance to work with local professional photographers. A 2-hour session renders between 30-100 individual photos.  Photos will be edited and the student will have rights to all the photos from the session. James Bruen, the Allegro photographer, will be lead photographer in the program. His work can be viewed on his site: 
($300 value)

recording studio session

Fee $140 (3-hour session): The Allegro Recording Studio (formerly Country House Studios) professionals will work with the students to record 1-2 songs to utilize for their media kit. Students may opt for additional time in the studio, but will be billed at a reduced hourly rate ($195 value).

videographer session

Fee $200 (3-hour Session): Having video available for both fans and landing gigs is vital. These videos can be recorded at either live performances or in a more controlled environment. These would be available for YouTube, Facebook, and website ($200 value).

website development

Fee $200: This includes domain name, a 1-page website design, gallery of images and video. Website hosting is included for a year. Minimum editing and maintenance is also included for that year time frame ($200 value).

Note: If the student would like more work or time with any of the above areas, extra work can be contracted directly with the vendor, at an additional cost.